duke mast

mobilizing asian students together at duke

MAST is the first coalition of Asian student organizations and Asian students to exist at Duke University. With this coalition, we hope to no longer have to reiterate the same demands that have been asked for decades, and rather, we aim to sustain the institutional memory and momentum in order to remain proactive in holding Duke accountable in truly becoming inclusive and engaging in anti-racist work.

we are conducting a survey to better understand the needs and interests of undergraduate and graduate students at Duke, so that we can make informed decisions and truly represent Asian/American communities as we continue to push for Asian American Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Cultural Centers. This includes being able to advocate for faculty and staff hires, curriculum design, physical spaces and buildings, resources for Asian/American students, and any other aspects of Asian American Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Cultural Centers that are important to you! This survey is for current undergraduate and graduate students, as well as incoming students and alumni of, Duke University. Fill it out here: tinyurl.com/MASTsurvey2021

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